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MarketLive Delivers 'Responsive Commerce' with 14.1 Version Launch

Adds eCommerce Responsive Design Templates for Mobile, Tablet and Future Commerce Interfaces.

IRCE, Chicago IL – June 11, 2014– MarketLive, the leading Total Commerce platform for high-growth merchants, today announced the launch of Version 14.1 of its award-winning e-commerce platform. This latest version delivers MarketLive's ground-breaking Responsive Commerce technology, which includes responsive design templates to optimize the commerce path to purchase and enable streamlined design, implementation, and management of online stores across desktop, mobile and other device interfaces. Architecture enhancements to enable rapid extension and upgrading of the platform, as well as merchant administration enhancements, are also included in this release.

"With this release, we have evolved the integration of responsive design into eCommerce, extending the range of capabilities previously available. We handle responsive design for today's phones and tablets and other devices, but we go further. Our implementation of Responsive Commerce incorporates eCommerce best practices across the customer lifecycle, optimizing templates for path to purchase and customer service interactions to ensure our merchants engage and grow their customers, regardless of touchpoint," said Ken Burke, founder and CEO of MarketLive Inc. "We are constantly improving our platform infrastructure so that our customers can be confident that they have the best technology available on which to run their commerce. Responsive Commerce is just the latest fulfillment of this promise."

Why Responsive Commerce is Better

Today's online shoppers want to be able to navigate and buy from a retailer via any device and any interface. And when they engage with a brand, they want to feel known and understood. MarketLive 14.1 deploys responsive design capabilities in a way that fulfills this need, offering out-of-the-box Responsive Commerce templates that optimize the path to purchase and future proofing for extension to new devices to come. These templates are designed to automatically present an optimized view on a given device, based on years of knowledge and best practices regarding where customers look for product, how they navigate and what steps are most important in converting the sale. The templates also manage all aspects of sizing for different devices and screens, automatically, including touch/zoom capabilities on any device.

Responsive Commerce from MarketLive is also designed to minimize future complexity for merchants by evolving and adapting to ever-changing shopping norms – it accommodates mobile and tablet today, and can be expanded to include Portable POS, in-store kiosks -- and even future commerce interfaces not yet invented. The initial release in 14.1 will focus on templates for the most critical commerce functions such as path-to-purchase, shopping cart, checkout, My Account, and search.

Benefits to Merchants

MarketLive's Responsive Commerce capabilities provide distinct benefits to merchants, unique in the eCommerce marketplace:

  • Reduced complexity in managing cross multiple devices, due to the ability to design, configure and deploy once across desktop, tablet, phone and other touchpoints
  • Improved customer experience through optimization of load times by device type
  • Flexible merchandising control enabling tailored merchandising experiences by device, if desired
  • Improved SEO through the implementation of responsive design, technology that Google, Bing and other search engines give preference in their rankings
  • Broader range of responsive technology capabilitiesfrom Bootstrap3, the latest, state-of-the-art responsive framework providing enhancements across the responsive design continuum
  • Future proofing for merchandising on future devices, while benefiting now from out of the box responsive templates for phone, tablet portrait, tablet landscape and desktop displays

MarketLive's Responsive Commerce approach has leap-frogged the industry with a solution that avoids the limitations and failings of earlier technologies.

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